How did you start out in photography?

I wasn't always a photographer. I started out as a Graphic Designer, and it is through my design work that I discovered the beautiful world of photography. Design, however, influences my photographic style tremendously. Understanding composition and visual storytelling combined with design thinking gives me a unique edge over my competitors. 

How would you describe your style?

I love capturing the moments that happen naturally. It is in these moments that I believe hold the best smiles and the best opportunity to make beautiful images. I love to shoot incognito; some call this a journalistic or lifestyle photography style. Shooting like this however does not mean I do not shoot portraits, although I try to make the session as natural as possible. I use both natural light and strobes to help bend and shape the light to create stunning images. 

What type of gear do you use?

I use all professional gear. I am a Canon shooter who shoots on a Canon 6D and Canon 5D Mark III. I use very sharp and very high-quality professional Canon L lenses.

Do you offer high-resolution files?

Yes, I believe every client should have the opportunity to receive and share their images at will. We use an online professional photo sharing resource that allows you to download, share on social media and print your images in a variety of formats, all with one simple login. 

Do you edit the files?

Yes, every image you will receive has been personally edited by myself. 

When and where will the session be?

I prefer to conduct portrait, family and couples sessions in the evening when the light is just right. Sessions usually about an hour before sunset that is perfect for sessions at the beach, park or field. Urban locations, inside, around buildings or trees can be booked anytime. I reserve one session per day and will include a rain date within a week for clients that are not local to the area. For those who are early risers, I love doing early morning sunrise sessions for the quality of light and ambiance mother nature offers at this special time.

We also prefer to book on weekend and evenings to respect everyone's weekday schedule - though exceptions can always be made. 

What should I wear?

We want you to be you. 

Second to that we want you to be comfortable. There are guidelines that can make your images better, however. It is best to avoid any subtle pin striping as this can be problematic with printing. It also is best for families or couples that you compliment but don't match. And it's always best to wear clothes that fit, nothing too tight or baggy. Remember images can accentuate your wardrobe so it's best to be strategic when selecting clothing. 

Do you allow for wardrobe changes?

Depending on location, change might not always be an option. If changing clothes are desired, it might affect location availability. 

Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

We have a passion for serving a variety of people in a variety of ways. From family portraits and weddings to corporate events we strive to capture the best moments in the best possible way. Simply put, there isn't any other most interesting thing to capture than human emotion. Telling stories through the lens is what we love to do. 

Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

I don't come from a photography background. Some might view that as a flaw, I view it as a strength. I am a full-time set and graphic designer. Understanding things like color, geometry, composition is a large part of what I do. When I see an image, I don't just look whether it's in focus or not (even though that is important) or whether it's exposed correctly; I see things like balance, perspective, what the mood is, and I am aware of where my eye takes me in the image. The design makes a good image; emotion makes it a captivating image. I strive for both. 

How do you price?

I strive to be fair in my pricing. I never want to overcharge anyone. However, I do believe in the value of the work I do. It is possible to pay very little for a photographer these days. However I honestly think you get what you pay for. I invest a lot of my time, energy and thinking to each client. My work isn't done when I take the last photo. I spend a considerable amount of time correcting each image making sure it's perfect. With each client, I take the time to converse and find out what will be the best possible solution to their needs. 

The last thing that I want to do is take advantage of anyone. I will explain my pricing to anyone who asks. I place a high value on integrity.

Do you have a second shooter?

Sometimes, it all depends on the shoot. For larger weddings we will always have a second shooter. 

How long until I can see my images?

My typical turnaround time for family and portrait sessions is about two weeks depending on the season. When your images are edited and ready for viewing, I will email you an access code to your online gallery for you to be able to share, download and print.

All of this sounds great, how do we proceed?

That's great! Here are the next steps:

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From there, I will e-mail or call you back (depending on your preference) and ask you a few follow-up questions and answer any specific questions you may have. 

I will then e-mail you a simple agreement for you to look over and sign. The agreement outlines our process, payment, cancellation, and rights policies. 

After the agreement and deposit are paid, I will call or email 48-24 hours before the shoot to confirm final details. 

Then we shoot.

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