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Yoga Styled Shoot


I must admit, I know nothing about yoga.

So when Juliana contacted me about helping he get some yoga/fitness photos I was intrigued and open to doing something new.

For this shoot I used a 41-in Octa Softbox on a c-stand perpendicular to the sun. Shooting out doors I always try to line up my shot with the sun behind or slightly at an angle behind the subject. This does a couple of things; first it makes the image more dynamic and interesting; secondly, it created a natural rim light that separates the subject from the background.

I was not in love with the location after I started shooting. Being somewhat limited where to shoot, I selected this spot the night before thinking it was a clean grassy area near downtown San Diego where Juliana was staying. I think the background beyond the water is to busy. The landscape and buildings on the other side of the bay lead right into her head causing a distracting element. I think in retrospect, I would have done something more urban in location, owning the fact that we were downtown San Diego.

I also would have shot earlier, as much as I love shooting at sunset, I think a bit more daylight would have helped the tone overall as I liked the images from the very start of the shoot, and as the sun got warmer, I liked the tone less and less.

Overall though, the session was successful. Juliana did amazing and I was honored to work with such talent.

Here are a few selects from the session with Juliana:

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