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How I Got Here


It wasn't my plan to become the Taylor Guitars photographer. I was in a job I dreaded and I was looking for anything that was more interesting or gave me a reason to get up in the morning. I've been a full-time graphic designer for 12-years and photography has been my side hustle for about six years.

I bounced around from shooting weddings to starting a family photography studio. My dream was to shift into photography full-time but I never really could figure out how. I felt like I was destined to sit behind a mac, pushing pixels around a screen and occasionally picking up the camera to shoot a senior portrait or headshot for a company.

So when this job popped up in my LinkedIn notifications, I sat there in disbelief for a few moments as I thought how crazy it would be to shoot for Taylor. I left my desk and headed to Starbucks where I spent the next couple hours massaging my resume and applying.

A couple months later, I found myself walking through the Taylor doors for the first time as an employee. An id badge on my hip and the key to my own studio in my pocket. I'm thankful every day that I get work for such a cool company and with such brilliant people.

This is Bambaata Marley he is a Jamaican singer-songwriter. He is the son of Ziggy Marley and eldest grandson of Bob Marley.

I shot him in Ocean Beach. It was cloudy all day and for most of the shoot, it was dark and melancholy. Which I was actually happy about because, in San Diego, you don't get many days where you can shoot with overcast skies.

Towards the end of the shoot, I had him jump up on the wall and within minutes the sky started to crack open revealing an epic half-sunset. It really did look like the sky was on fire.

Shot with a 41in octa softbox with my Canon 5D Mark IV with the 70-200mm lens. The guitar he's holding is a Taylor 814ce Deluxe.

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