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Simplicity in Setups


Most of my setups are with one strobe.

It’s most of the time out of practicality than anything. Because I don’t have the luxury of a crew, I use what I can haul. And if strobes and c-stands were t enough, I have guitars to take too. Not to mention I shoot tethered to my laptop, so an extra tripod with laptop table in there as well. So I find editing my gear selection is essential.

It’s easy to over complicate shoots. For this shoot for example, I look at it now and I think it could have used a kicker light in the back to create a nice rim on the right edge. But that’s another c-stand, another softbox to carry.

Most of the time though, what you have is good enough. Just get the shot you know?

I think what separates the pros from the amateur is the ability to work within the constraints and still hit the mark and accomplish what you’re (or the art director) is intending.

Sometimes it’s gear, sometimes it’s time, sometimes it’s location and other times it’s all three. Whatever it is, you get the shot, whatever it takes.

This was shot with one 36in deep octa softbox just right if the subject. I used the 70-200 at 200 to get some depth of field with the concrete behind the subject. People always think you need high-speed sync to get depth of field with strobes, not true. You just need a long lens and distance to maximize that compression.

My aperture here was f/8 at sync speed of the 5D Mark IV. (ISO 125) pretty standard portrait settings. I used my favorite Elinchrom 500ttl strobes for this shot.

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