Introduction to the Camera


It's our goal to introduce new photographers to their SLR or mirrorless cameras, camera functions and basic photography concepts in order to obtain full use of the modern-day digital camera. The class will introduce students to photography fundamentals like aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Step by step students will learn how to navigate their digital cameras, maximize the potential of the camera, creatively control and master their camera. All while allowing students to ask qurstions and revieve one-on-one attention from a professional photographer. With easy, simple instruction participants will walk away from the class understanding the capabilities of their camera and image making.

1. Camera Basics

– Parts of a camera
– Setting up your camera
– Picture profiles
– Intro to the lens
– Intro to the flash

2. The Exposure

– How to measure the light
– The light meter
– Aperture priority mode
– Shutter mode
– Manual Mode
– Aperture (F-Stop), Shutter Speed & ISO 

3. Exercises

– Depth of field
– Freezing the moment
– Working with natural light