Photo Critique

The best way to learn is to have an objective eye look at and review your work. You'll come with a sampling of your images on your computer, tablet or prints and we'll discuss them at length. We will talk about what works, what doesn't and why. The goal of a photo critique is to dig into your photos and find the what is working and what doesn't and then discuss how they could improve. It doesn't sound as painful as it sounds, even the most professional photographers have room to improve and you will walk away encouraged and ready some new techniques. 

Photo by Demitri Popov

Photo by Demitri Popov

Why do a photo critique?

Why Do One

  1. To find out if your photos are communicating what you intend.

  2. To hear an objective perspective on the emotional impact of the image.

  3. To understand how post processing tools increase or decreases the photo impact

  4. To learn self-editing

  5. To discover your personal photography style

  6. To expand your vision and grow as an photographer